Epilare definitiva in Bucuresti, Cluj, Constanta si Brasov

Coquette - No 1 In Laser Hair Removal

13 years in Romania and 16 years international experience in hair removal, 4 clinics in 4 cities, 10 therapists, 5  Cynosure Elite lasers - widely considered the gold standard in the industry, more than 4,800 customers and tens of millions of square centimeters of skin treated, COQUETTE is the name that comes in mind when you talk about photoepilation.


Is the laser hair removal efficient? 3 sessions are enough? Every clinic is good? ... and many more essential to know!


About us


Coquette Beauty Clinique opened its doors for the first time in Bucharest, March 2003, wanting to create a place where the expertise of leading international doctors could be used with excellent results for those with unwanted hair. In 2005, Coquette opened the second clinic in Cluj, then in 2008 another one in Constanta and lastly, 2013 in Brasov.

Our clinic in Constanta was opened November 2008 and is situated on the coast-line shore, in a beautiful Italian style villa from where you can admire the sea and the beach, while our therapists strike the targeted hair roots. The image chosen by us to represent ourselves in the city is the mermaid – the exponent of eternal femininity and sensuality. You can admire her along the building of the Coquette villa, luring you just like Ulysses, on your way from the Historical Center, to give up to the wax and razor blade and try a new and modern method, the laser hair removal.

Whether you are from Constanta or Mangalia, Navodari, Galati, Braila or Tulcea, the No 1 In Laser Hair Removal In Romania offers golden standard worldwide lasers and a long and vast experience.

Cynosure Laser is a versatile device that uses two wavelengths for an efficient procedure, both for lighter or darker skin-types. This laser increases the patient’s comfort and the treatment’s effectiveness through the ability to switch between the two types of lasers, making the entire treatment optimized for your skin type.



Laser hair removal

On the Coquette website you can find answers to your questions about permanent hair removal:

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  • how does it work?
  • which are the advantages of the permanent hair removal treatment done by Coquette Beauty Clinique?
  • what types of hair can be treated?
  • how long does a permanent hair removal session take and how many sessions do I need?
  • what distinguishes  permanent hair removal from the other methods of hair removal?
  • what is the laser hair removal?
  • what is the price of a permanent hair removal session?
  • what special packs (DISCOUNTS) has Coquette Beauty Clinique prepared for its clients?
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