Epilare definitiva in Bucuresti, Cluj, Constanta si Brasov

About us

COQUETTE Beauty Clinique – The only clinic specialized in laser hair removal in Romania ! For 13 years, number 1 in laser hair removal in Romania!

From 9-8, Monday to Friday, Saturday from 10-6, 365 days a year minus the holidays, we only do laser hair removal!

Thousands of patients treated, tens of thousands of areas with hair growth or hirsutism problems, from March 2003 we only do laser hair removal!

10 therapists, 4 cities, 5 Cynosure Elite lasers, for 13 years, exclusively ultraspecialized in the permanent hair removal treatment!

We opened COQUETTE Beauty Clinique in Bucharest in March 2003 with the desire to make available to those with unwanted hair problems a place where very good expertise in this area owned by the founding doctors can be transformed into practice with great results.

COQUETTE Beauty Clinique is also in Cluj (since 2005), but also in Constanta (since 2008) and Brasov (since 2013).

COQUETTE Beauty Clinique has built the vision of providing the ladies and gentlemen in Romania the opportunity to invest in their good condition and health through a laser hair removal treatment performed at Western parameters, which has the same price as in the other European countries.

Our goal is to transform the practice of conventional cosmetic hair removal into the new standard of laser hair removal, and to create a favorable opinion about the laser hair removal and impose the laser hair removal as being the most elegant, modern, efficient solution for the ones who need this treatment in order to treat - hirsutism, hypertrichosis, folliculitis, ingrown hairs, but also cosmetic – to use the most precious resource – time – in pleasant ways. We communicate all the time with the ones interested in laser hair removal, and we do it in an open, uninhibited and honest manner.

As many know, we have taken the role of promoter and educator in the permanent hair removal branch, by creating and enhancing public’s attention with this type of treatment with a sustained communication. We operate in a field in which we invest a lot with the desire to make the laser hair removal treatment as common as it is in the other countries, where the laser hair removal is the third most popular medical-aestetic treatment.

In a short time since we opened we managed to create a massive interest for permanent hair removal, initiate and end successfully a lot of treatments for a lot of clients – giving to our pacients the privilege to enjoy their body and face.

Our experience allows us to evaluate and control with the biggest accuracy the process of laser hair removal.

We are the only specialized clinique in our country in permanent hair removal treatments thanks to our monospecialization, which allows us to dedicate and focus on serving in the best conditions our clients.

We enjoy the prestige that honors us and we are aware that our leadership in the definitive hair removal – process whose name is synonymous with COQUETTE - requires us to always maintain the highest standards.

We achieved this performance by benefiting from a big volume of scientific studies, experience acumulated by our greatest specialists from prestigious clinics coming from countries with highly advanced in technology such as USA, Germany and Great Britain, clinical data which is continuously collected and processed by the company that develops systems for permanent hair removal and then synthesized into procedures recommended to thousands of users of these systems worldwide.

This is the great advantage of a global company world leader in systems that uses therapeutic light which opens for at least 30 years new paths and inventing new therapeutic systems that maintain permanent contact with clinicians and through them with patients – the beneficiaries of the solutions imagined by the research teams.

And also this is the company that our founding doctors have supported in clinical training the therapists of various medical-aesthetic cliniques from Greece, Scandinavia, South Africa, Spain, UK, Malaysia, Singapore etc., clinics which use the same systems as in COQUETTE Beauty Clinique.

We invest all the time in new systems of laser hair removal to be able to be prompt to deliver our treatments, to be efficient and at the best level of performance that the research is providing right now.

We started recently a project developed with the Association of Dermatologists in Romania, in which we collaborate with medical specialists - lecturers and professors – from the prestigious Dermatology Clinic Colentina Hospital in order to observe the answer to treatment of some special patients cases and find the best treatment protocols.

Our presence at profile trades is counting more and more appearances in the three years of activity, which has occasioned on the first hand our contact with the ones who were going to become our pacients in COQUETTE Beauty Clinique.

We believe in:

  • stringency and seriousness in addressing the performance or treatments and the medical communication with patients.
  • every patient is unique, its needs also unique, and this is the reason why every treatment is customized.
  • honesty and opening
  • friendly and close communication

We maintained constant over time the hair removal treatments quality and the prices of these treatments, proving stability and respect for our future and actual patients.

COQUETTE Clinics in Romania:

In september 2005 the second branch opens in Cluj, receiving patients, who were forced to do until then periodic visits to Bucharest to attend the set of treatment sessions.

Whether you are from Cluj, Baia Mare, Satu Mare, Bistrita Nasaud, Deva, Oradea, Targu Mures, the No 1 In Hair Removal In Romania offers top of the range of lasers for hair removal and the longest and vast experience.

In July 2008 another Coquette clinic opens near the seaside, located in Constanta in a beautiful Italian style villa from which you can admire the sea and the beach while our therapists strike the targeted hair roots.

By the second clinic we expanded the area of action in the country to north and west, thus coming closer to our patients in Mangalia, Navodari, Galati, Braila and Tulcea and other urban centers located near Constanta.

The same incorporated technology in the same system for hair removal, the same experts - physiokinetotherapists - prepared by the same doctors trained clinicians from other countries to achieve the same hair removal safe, verified and proven.

The newest clinic with a boutique design from Coquette family, was inaugurated in December 2013 in Brasov through an event in which occurred sushi tasting, a show of live cooking and the attraction of the night, a moment of body sushi (Nyotaimori).

We welcome the Transylvanians in the way that we are going through together to the skin of their dreams: hairfree!