Epilare definitiva in Bucuresti, Cluj, Constanta si Brasov

Permanent hair removal

Permanent hair removal for Coquette women

Dilemma: Mirror Mirror, who is number 1 in the country in permanent hair removal?

COQUETTE Beauty Clinique has four clinics in four cities: Bucharest, Cluj, Constanta and Brasov (2013), all of them on the same ownership.

Why is this important detail (essential)?

Because the only way we found that we can maintain constant and uniform quality of services. We have regular trainings both technical and clinical researches, and we can be sure that a patient will be treated the same in Constanta or Bucharest.

Four specialized international congresses per year minimum allow us to be always connected to what matters and is new in this area, besides the continuous exchange of experience that we have with colleagues in other countries.

Why didn’t we choose a cheaper laser?
Something small, cute, China, Korea and Italy.

Because we know that Cynosure lasers are the most powerful tools in hair removal definitively, it is considered unanimously by renowned international experts at the forefront of laser hair removal.

When you have a passion for excellence, you cannot settle for anything less than perfect!

Coquette in lasers investment amounted to over $600,000, the amount with which we could have opened 50 salons for hair removal "revolutionary technology" which was a novelty in 1995.

A serious clinic has powerful and versatile equipments to handle a large range of patients and types of hair and skin, as well as to track the dynamic evolution of the quality of the hair, as it changes during
2 years approximate duration of a complete treatment.

We do not have to tell you how many problems you can solve using laser hair removal.

Looking for a professional place where you step on a mine of specialists with confidence.
If you haven’t already heard about Coquette, we will elucidate some aspects of this method of hair removal that you always expected, and looking forward for making us a visit.

Schedule at Coquette clinic for a consultation for free and you will be assessed before treatment.